WAJIHAH ITS aims to provide the finest solutions in the field of Information technology, through making the world of information much better, accessible and available to all.
Wajihah provides a variety of Security Solution, Security Service, Professional Services as well as integrated solutions, starting from development of Internet-based content management systems right up to analyzing, designing and developing specialized systems serving different segments. What distinguish us is our Web-based systems, created employing the latest development tools, which can integrate with a variety of tested database systems—at the least cost.
We seek total customer satisfaction, by adding value to your business through application of the latest technology in web programming: focusing on making the user interface more intuitive.
In the last few years, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has witnessed a massive growth in adoption of information and communication technology which, in turn, gave the Saudi citizen unprecedented exposure to a world of high-quality experiences. This major paradigm shift called for establishment of a company dedicated to cater to the needs of the Saudi customer for world-class Web products.
As a result of these developments, a company called LANtech was set up in the year 1999 in Riyadh, capital of Saudi Arabia. Within a short period, the company established itself as a leading provider of web-based solutions to medium and large organizations in the Kingdom. This was due to its care for quality, its integrity and its adherence to the highest standards of customer care.
Today, the company’s name has been changed from LANtech to Wajihah, and new and specialized departments have been added. Each department comprises a head, engineers, technicians and executives. These changes were made to meet growing customer requirements for specialized services